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TNT Tooling WSX Drill Powered Wire Stripping Machine 2020 Strip Fast!

$249.95 $189.95
Direct from the TNT Tooling factory (We are an authorized TNT Tooling distributor.):
This is the absolute l-a-t-e-s-t version of the popular drill powered TNT Tooling WSX Wire Stripping Machine.  

With this little machine, you can literally run a spool of wire through and have the insulation stripped within a matter of minutes.  To see the beauty of this machine, please check out the videos below and you too will begin to appreciate it as much as we do. 
This is a great tool for electricians, e-scrappers, and scrappers looking to cash in on recycling medium volume amounts of scrap copper wire.

TNT Tooling WSX Wire Stripping Machine

– Best small sized wire stripper weighing only 3 pounds (rust-free light-weight aluminum)

– Strips 18AWG – 6AWG (solid and stranded)

- Made in North America (Canada)


Wire Gauge Range 18 AWG to 6 AWG Wire and Romex
Estimated output/minute 450 inches of wire per minute
Blade Material Hardened High Carbon Tool Steel Cutter
Tool Size
Approximately 5 inches tall
Tool Weight 3 Pounds
Tool Material Tool body is rust resistant Aluminum
Tool Color Metallic Grey
Processable Material Undamaged Oil Free Rubber and Plastic Insulated Wires and Romex
Drill and wires displayed in the photographs are not included.
Please contact us if you have any further questions. We will respond to you within a business day.
Warranty Claims:
We process warranty replacement claims if you purchase the WSX from us. Just send it to us for a replacement in the unlikely event the WSX is defective. 
Buyer has 14 days after receiving the item to return it for: money back. Buyer pays for shipping. Product must not show signs of use, wear, or damage. The return must include all parts, accessories, and pieces. wire striper
Video from TNT Tooling:


Video from Moose Scrapper:


Operating Instructions

Please read the Terms and Conditions (warranty inclusive). As stated in the Terms and Conditions, wire stripper machines are dangerous machines and must be used with caution. Do not hold onto the wire and turn the machine on at the same time. Avoid touching the blade at all times.

1 . Make sure the drill is turned off.
2 . Using the adjustment knob on the right and left sides, adjust the guides to the wire thickness. Space between each guide rail and the blade must be equal. (wire must be able to slide in and out easily with minimum clearance)
3 . Slide the wire through the guide rails until the wire is just underneath the cutting blade.
4 . Using the cutter-adjustment knob on the top of the machine, turn the knob while your other hand is moving the wire back and forth along the guide rails until the cutter grabs the wire (you will feel resistance once the cutter grabs the wire – ensure that you do not need to pull on the wire to remove it from the guide rails).
5 . Let go of the wire (DO NOT HOLD ONTO THE WIRE). Turn the drill on, the blade will rotate, grip the wire and pull it through the machine.
5a . If the blade does not grip the wire and pull it through while the drill is on, turn off the drill and push the wire in further, then let go of the wire and turn on the drill. Check to make sure that the space between each guide rail and the blade is equal.
6 . Once the wire is pulled through the machine, turn off the drill and remove the insulation from the copper wire.


Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are issued by 360 Degrees Limited Liability Company dba Galaxy..Trader ("Galaxy..Trader"). Please read the Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) carefully. The Agreement sets out the terms the BUYER accepts by purchasing a product(s) from Galaxy..Trader. If you do not agree with the agreement, please do not purchase a product(s) from Galaxy..TraderGalaxy..Trader makes every effort to ensure that Galaxy..Trader products meet high quality standards.

SAFETY: Wire stripping machines can be very dangerous. These machines may cause injury or death if used carelessly or improperly. Please ensure Buyer reads the operation manual and follows the safety instructions at all times. Buyer of this product acknowledges that Galaxy..Trader and/or 360 Degrees Limited Liability Company ( shall in no way be responsible or liable to Buyer or any other party for any use or misuse of this item.

Buyer shall use safe operating procedures including but not limited to, the operational manual developed by TNT Tooling and Consulting Ltd. (“TNT”) and Buyer shall not modify the product. Galaxy..Trader shall not be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or any damages arising from the use of any product purchased from Galaxy..Trader. Buyer acknowledges that Buyer has not and does not rely on Galaxy..Trader’s skill or judgment with regard to the safety and selection of the goods as fit or suitable for any particular purpose. It is Buyer’s responsibility to provide all the means that may be necessary to effectively protect Buyer, including but not limited to any persons Buyer permits to operate the product, from serious bodily injury which otherwise may result from the method of particular use, operation, set-up or maintenance of the equipment.


Galaxy..Trader warrants to the Buyer that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of 30 days from the date the Buyer purchases the product. This warranty does not apply to damage arising directly or indirectly, to misuse, lack of maintenance, negligence or accidental, repairs or alterations made by Buyer or any party outside of TNT.

Should Buyer deem the product defective within 30 days of purchase, Buyer is responsible for notifying Galaxy..Trader with an explanation of defect via e-mail accompanied by pictures of the defect and proof of purchase. Upon instruction from Galaxy..Trader, Buyer will ship product to Galaxy..Trader. Upon receipt of the product, Galaxy..Trader will inspect the product to verify the defect. Galaxy..Trader will either have repaired or replace the product at Galaxy..Trader’s discretion. Galaxy..Trader will return repaired or replaced product at expense of Galaxy..Trader, however if Galaxy..Trader determines there is no defect, or the defect resulted from causes outside of the warranty, then Buyer must pay the shipping cost of returning the product to Buyer. This warranty shall not apply to any goods or parts which have been subject to improper use, installation, accident, negligence, alteration or misuse.

If Buyer does not purchase shipping insurance and the product sustains damage during shipping, Buyer will not be reimbursed for damages by Galaxy..Trader. If Buyer does purchase shipping insurance and the product is damaged during shipping, Buyer must notify the shipping company and follow their instructions, take pictures of the damaged item and notify Galaxy..TraderGalaxy..Trader will make every effort to work with Buyer and shipping company to ensure that payment is received from shipping company and Buyer is provided a new product as quickly as possible.

Special Notes

The BUYER is responsible for any country-related fees (such as duty, brokerage or taxes)