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  • TNT Tooling WSA Wire Stripping Tool

    $67.95 $54.69
    TNT Tooling WSA Wire Stripper
    Redesigned 2016 Model (Includes an additional port and blade, strips a wider range of wire sizes, and ports are beveled to make starting a wire easier.)

    WSA Wire Stripper w/ 10 cutting blades manufactured by TNT Tooling. Also, includes the Allen wrench for the cutting blades. A manual pocket sized scrap wire stripping tool for recycling copper wire and Romex.  

    The WSA is a high quality precision made tool built to strip scrap wire. Stripping insulation from scrap wire is faster, easier and safer with the WSA Wire Stripping Tool. Designed to strip solid and stranded scrap wire gauges ranging from 22 to 3 AWG. An oval port exists to strip the sheathing from Romex. 

    Undamaged oil free insulated wire and Romex work best. Not recommended for stripping damaged oily material.

    Securing the WSA in a sturdy bench top vice is recommended for best results. Using a bench top vice with the WSA frees your hands to pass wire through the tool.

    If a blade becomes dull it can be changed out with one of the other nine blades or it can be re-sharpened. 

    Blade depth is adjustable using the included Allen hex key wrench to adjust the recessed hex set screw.

    Great tool for electricians, e-scrappers, scrappers looking to cash in on recycling scrap copper wire.
    Wire Gauge Range22 to 3 AWG and Romex
    Tool PortsNine circular ports for standard round wire. 
    One oval port for Romex. Ten Total.
    Blade MaterialHardened High Carbon Tool Steel
    Number of BladesTen
    Blade Misc.Blade depth is adjustable. Blades are interchangeable between ports. 
    Allen Hex key wrench (1/16) is included for recessed set screw that enables blade adjustment or removal. 
    Blades can be re-sharpened as needed.
    Blade is angled.
    Tool SizePocket Size -
    Block: 4.5" W x 1.5" H x 0.5" D
    Blade: 1.5" Long
    Tool Weight6 Ounces
    Tool MaterialTool Block is Rust Resistant Aluminum
    Tool ColorBlock is most commonly Black, Blue, or Gray
    Process-able MaterialUndamaged Oil Free Rubber and Plastic Insulated Wires and Romex

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    Warranty Claims:
    We process warranty replacement claims if you purchase the WSA from us. Just send it to us for a replacement in the unlikely event the WSA is defective. 

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